I’m so glad you’ve taken the time to stop by our web-site and to hopefully get a sense of the heart we have as a people to “Pursue with Passion the Presence of God!”
     We believe God’s not called us to just build a church, but to build His Kingdom, and to see His power, authority, and the ruler-ship of His government released in our lives, families, communities, and nation.
     Through declaring the absolute truth of the Bible, passionate worship, intercessory prayer, and openness to the full expression of the Holy Spirit’s power, we believe God will come and “Show Himself strong and mighty on our behalf!”
     I would count it a tremendous honor to have you visit with us this next Sunday and be a part of our service. I know you’ll feel a genuine sense of love and acceptance from the people, and more importantly, that you’ll experience a fresh touch of God’s presence in your life! 

Pastor Scott

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